What to expect when dating a single father

Yet for all intents and purposes, the TV industry professional is raising Lana, with the help of a nanny.

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From how we feed our children to how we educate them, everyone has an opinion. Moms and dads feel endlessly judged for the choices they make — even if they have no other options.

that my tone matters more than anything when I speak to her.” Then there’s her gravitation toward “girly girl” toys and activities.“We paint nails,” he says, “and she gets to paint mine sometimes … Lana is aware that I don’t enjoy playing Barbies with Lana.” Ditto drawing or painting (“I’m not very artsy and crafty. ”) and girl talk (“I don’t do girl talk as well [as a woman would]. “It’s a moment where you get to be close,” he says.

“She can focus on something else, but I’m still getting what I consider intimate time with her.

“I’m gonna strike fear into the heart of any boy that comes around her.”Dating isn’t easy for him, either.

“Being a single father has been an obstacle, I guess, to having a love life,” says Ian. I see being a dad as my number one priority, and so the rest of everything else falls into line when there’s space, which is kind of harsh …

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