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When Apple releases Mac firmware updates, the system undergoes a special installation procedure in which it shows a progress bar on a gray screen and then reboots.If you have an update available but do not see the progress bar when applying it, it may not have installed properly.Mac firmware restoration is the process of resetting your Mac's internal firmware to a known good state.

After following these steps, try rebooting again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Air Pods owners can check the version number in the Settings app by going to General -- Air Pods while the Air Pods are connected to the i Phone.

Apple did not provide release notes with the firmware update, so it is not known what problems the new software might address.

Apple today released a new 3.7.2 firmware update for its Air Pods, likely introducing bug fixes and performance improvements to the wireless earbuds.

Air Pod firmware updates are installed automatically when the Air Pods are connected to the i Phone, so Air Pods users should begin seeing the new firmware soon as the update rolls out to everyone.

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