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"There is an overwhelming sense," the report concluded, "that City Rail does not promote a real commitment to quality, customer focus and a service culture." On-time running improved after new timetables were introduced in 20.In October 2012, a report published by Pricewaterhouse Coopers found City Rail performed poorly compared to many metro services from 27 other major world cities.Southern Highlands trains required a connection at Campbelltown as they ran into the city during peak hours only.

To provide a passenger service between midnight and while leaving the tracks clear of trains for maintenance work, parallel bus services were established in 1989.Australia's financial years start on 1 July and end on 30 June.Expansions and contractions of the network and major events that affected the number of journeys made are included as notes.City Rail was established pursuant to the Transport Administration Act, 1988 (NSW); and was first mentioned as an entity distinct from the State Rail Authority in the Parliament of New South Wales in the opening address of the third session of the 49th parliament by the Governor of New South Wales, James Rowland on 21 February 1990.When the City Rail brand was introduced the State Rail Authority was part way through taking delivery of 450 Tangara carriages.

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