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The Foreign Ministry said the government would arrange official funeral send representatives to the ceremonies, as it does for victims of attacks at home.'There are going to be thousands of people at this funeral,' said Mr Katz. Encompassing casual styles with a creative aesthetic, the Paul Smith Ivo Trainers take sports luxe to a whole new level. His face wracked with sobs as he cries for his mother, tiny Moshe Holtzberg has had a miraculous escape: He was inside the Jewish centre stormed by Islamic militants during last week's Mumbai attacks.Moshe was rushed to safety - drenched in blood - after his nanny found him crying by their bodies.But he said there had since been reports the gunmen had rented an apartment in a nearby building at some stage, something also reported by Indian media without quoting sources.'Actually, we have been very concerned for sometime now,' the Indian Jewish Federation's Isaac said.'We had been expecting something like this.'For the moment the community's are thoughts with Moshe.Started in September this year, the company hopes to give you a chance to meet people face to face and then decide whether to see them again as opposed to rejecting and accepting online profiles. " founder Vijendra Dalal asks us without any hesitation.

The two-year-old orphan's rabbi father and mother were murdered in Mumbai's Jewish centre Horror scene: Blood spatters the walls inside the Jewish centre where Moshe was trapped as Islamic gunmen killed his parents during last week's attacks He only turned two this week.

Israeli officials say the Chabad centre was targeted for being Jewish.

A Los Angeles-based member of the movement said there was no knowledge of specific threats prior to the attacks.

'When the baby emerged with the nanny, he had blood stains on him,' Benjamin Isaac, secretary of the Indian Jewish Federation, said. But we knew someone's blood had already been spilled.'Last Wednesday, two gunmen had stormed the six-storey Nariman House, which housed the centre in Mumbai's Colaba area.

Bullet marks cover the walls of Naiman House, showing the intensity of the firefight when commandos burst in in an attempt to free the hostages The house is at a nondescript address on a small street - but it is close to the plush hotels and railway station which bore the brunt of a string of attacks by the heavily-armed militants.

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