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KP: On my recent evaluations a student said the following: “she is completely rude to other races.

I was in shock and complete disbelief when she said that it was okay if you didn’t do well on the first quiz because, ‘maybe you were sitting next to an Asian who you knew was smarter than you so you got nervous and didn’t do well.’ I’m sorry, but that is completely inappropriate for the dean of BROAD and a Professor to be saying in class.” I feel badly that this student misunderstood a something I said.

Of course, I feel badly that this student misunderstood the point of my story, and thought that I was saying that Asian students were smarter.

I have discussed this research for years with my students, but and this is the first time a student shared a negative reaction to it.

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After a student turns the evaluation in, what happens?The professor will review their scores and use the comments to make revisions to the course.The department chair will review scores and read comments for all classes in their department, and then the Associate Dean also has the ability to review them.How does the college use the evaluations to improve or change?KP: The student evaluations are one factor considered by the chairperson in the raise process and in promotion decisions.

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