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However, some systems used by state government agencies will still match gender against SSA records.

If a person’s recorded gender with the submitting agency does not match SSA records, SSA may report this back to the submitting agency.

In fact, NCTE encourages you and your provider to only state in the letter that you have had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.

Details about surgery, hormone treatment, or other treatments are unnecessary and not helpful.

Under current policy, a transgender person can change their gender on their Social Security records by submitting either government-issued documentation reflecting a change, or a certification from a physician confirming that they have had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.

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Locally-issued domestic partnership certificates not recognized by a state cannot be used for this purpose.In cases where gender data is submitted to SSA and does not match, the submitting agency is under no obligation to respond in any way.So long as the other personal data matches with SSA records, the organization can simply ignore the gender mismatch.Social Security employees are instructed to treat transgender customers with respect, including using appropriate pronouns, and to not ask unrelated personal questions. If you believe you have been subject to discriminatory treatment by an SSA office or staff, you may file a formal complaint of discrimination with SSA.If you encounter difficulties with local or other SSA employees, contact NCTE, your SSA Regional Office, or your U. SSA accepts complaints of discrimination in services and programs based on race, color, national origin (including English language ability), religion, sex (including gender identity), sexual orientation, age, disability, or in retaliation for filing a complaint.

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