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It takes seven days from the time you submit your notarized title application form to complete the registration process for a motorcycle.

Motorcycle registration can only be done in person at a vehicle and license plate renewal office, and you need to bring several documents with you: these include your driver’s license, proof of liability insurance, release from the motorcycle’s lienholder (if there is one), a completed odometer statement if the car is less than 10 years old, and a damage disclosure statement if you purchased it from a dealer.

If you are bringing an out-of-state registered motorcycle into North Carolina, you will have 30 days from the time you move to start the registration process over again at the license office.

To add further confusion, many consumers are still relying on older registration cards that incorporated a registration grace period into the expiration date.

A late fee of will be charged for registrations that have been expired for two months or greater.

If the license plate sticker reads "01/18," you will be charged this fee if you renew during April or later.

There is also an additional regional transportation authority tax in Wake, Durham, and Orange County.

You will be responsible for renewing your motorcycle’s registration every year and keeping the license plate registration stickers up to date.

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