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'The crocodiles take the bodies along river and hide them in the mud, so I don't think he will be found until the day after tomorrow.'This is the first time anything like this has happened, Elephant Rock is always safe to surf.'Another British tourist, who did not wish to give his name, said: 'A British tourist was at a surf spot called Elephant Rock.'There's a lagoon right next to the sea.

He went to the toilet next to the lagoon and was grabbed by a crocodile.'There are lots in the lagoon.

Police looking and army too.'There are two different kinds of crocodile that live in Sri Lanka, the Marsh, or 'Mugger', crocodile and the estuarine crocodile.

There are believed to be thousands of marsh crocodiles spread throughout various water bodies in the island.

The two breeding crocodile species in Sri Lanka are the mugger crocodile and saltwater crocodiles.

The term 'mugger' comes from the Urdu word 'magar' which translates as 'water monster'.

Divers found Mr Mc Clean's corpse in a muddy lagoon, 225 miles east of the capital Colombo.

A crocodile is believed to have dragged Mr Mc Clean away on Thursday afternoon, the officer said, but a post-mortem examination is expected to formally establish the cause of death.

During mating seasons, it is not uncommon for crocodiles to become increasingly aggressive.

Experts say poking a crocodile's eyes or hitting its nose can save you during an attack. Crocodiles first appeared on the earth 240million years ago and they can live for up to 80 years.

Each crocodile jaw has 24 teeth that are meant to grasp and crush, not chew.

We are liaising closely with his family and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and offering the FT's assistance.'Our thoughts are with his family, friends and loved ones.'We are in touch with them, doing all we can to help during this difficult time.'Adding: Mr Mc Clean was: 'a talented, energetic and dedicated young journalist,' that he had 'a great career ahead of him at the FT'.

He was described by Katie Martin, head of fast FT, as 'a warm, funny person and a talented young journalist with a curious mind,' and 'a joy to be around, truly, with an impish sense of humour'.

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