Halo dating 101 lesson 2

Places like Bed, Bath & Beyond or even Target are great for reasonably priced dishes and flatware. Unless you’re planning to throw big dinner parties, you’re still better off having a decent set of 4 matching plates and utensils than having 12 mixed sets that were cobbled together from thrift stores and yard sales.Especially when you’re busy with your job, it’s easy to justify eating out a lot or not cooking for yourself at home.You don’t have to be an expert (heck, superior interior decoration is one of the benefits of getting a girlfriend, right?), but you need to start paying some attention to finding colors and textures that complement each other. As one woman said, “bare walls scream bachelor-living!The good news is, if you know what these signs are, you can upgrade your bachelor pad to show that you are actually capable of living like a man.After polling several women, here is a checklist of things women look for in a Even if your bachelor pad looks spotless, if you don’t take care to make sure it smells nice, all bets are off.

This is one of the apartment essentials that men often ignore.From a practical standpoint, you should always have something you can offer as a nice snack if a woman comes over.A decent pairing of crackers and cheese is always a winner—especially if you throw in some cured meats, olives and some nice mustard or fig jam or quince paste…ok, now I’m getting hungry…)This here, gents, may be one of the key things you should focus on.Bachelor pad furniture does not need to be expensive, but you do need to be mindful of what you’re buying.Don’t just think about the comfort and utility of the furniture.

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