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The Art Institute of Chicago and the Musée d’Orsay worked together on this exhibit, which includes many items on loan from around the world.Of course, Gauguin’s Tahitian works are included, with a special hologram of his hut and final creative studio, which is considered a work of art itself.Fittingly, Bordeaux’s recently opened wine-focused museum has partnered with the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi to educate visitors about the origins of wine and its role in agriculture, royalty, religious beliefs and everyday life.Born in 1370, Johan Maelwael was the first Northern Netherlandish painter and became one of the most successful artists in Europe in the Middle Ages.

5, 2017Bring the kids to Wales this fall for an up-close-and-personal dinosaur experience with a focus on the littlest dinos.La Cité du Vin’s position on the river isn’t just a scenic setting; it’s a port of entry to the famous Bordeaux vineyards, as boats depart from a dock directly in front of the museum to explore the region. The Rijksmuseum dedicates a show to his legacy this fall.At the center of the exhibit is one of his only surviving works — — on loan from the Louvre for the first time since 1962. 14, 2018As Switzerland’s museum dedicated to Eastern cultures, it’s fitting that Museum Rietberg will feature Swiss artist Alice Boner, who spent four decades living and working as an artist, patron, collector and art historian in the Indian city of Varanasi, beginning in 1935.There are also replicas of eggs, nests and skeletons from all over the world in this hands-on exhibition. It’s assumed that Mengs painted the highlighted piece on site before it was shown to the Florentine people and then delivered to the King in Spain. 22, 2018Through a large exhibition of his work, the Grand Palais turns attention this fall to Paul Gauguin’s creative process and experimentation with a variety of media.Other works are on loan from the Prado and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The post-impressionist is known for his paintings and sculptures — many of which will be on display, along with ceramics, blocks of wood, engravings and drawings.

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