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Sometimes, such as if you move house different rules apply. HB, LHA and CTB cannot normally be backdated, so you could lose benefit if you delay in claiming.You can ask for a late claim to be backdated, this request must be in writing on the application form, or in a separate letter, but we will have to be sure that there is good cause for your delay in claiming.Second Adult Rebate can help a small number of households if you are a single person who is liable to pay the Council Tax, but have other adults who live with you who are on a low income.If you think you may qualify, or want more information, please speak to our officers who will advise you.LHA is the newest way of calculating Housing Benefit and is based on the area in which the customer lives and the number of bedrooms required.It ensures that tenants in similar circumstances in the same area receive the same amount of financial support for their housing costs.You cannot receive both Council Tax Benefit and Second Adult Rebate at the same time.If you are a private tenant renting property or a room from a private commercial landlord and you are on a low income, you may be able to claim and receive LHA which is available from 7th April 2008.

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You should claim HB, LHA or CTB as soon as you need to.A written request is necessary explaining the reasons.If you and/or your partner have more than £16,000 in savings and investments you cannot claim for HB and CTB (unless you are getting the Pension Credit Guaranteed Credit).In any other case the Benefit will start from the Monday following receipt of your application form.If we ask you for more information to go with your claim and you do not send it within one month of the receipt of your form, you could lose benefit.

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