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Play | Download: Audio Clean Brexit: why leaving the EU still makes sense Recorded on: 17 January 2018 Speaker(s): Liam Halligan, Dr Gerard Lyons In their latest book Clean Brexit, which they will discuss at this event, Liam Halligan and Gerard Lyons offer a vision...Play | Download: Audio Role of Trade and Investment in Driving Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Recorded on: 12 January 2018 Speaker(s): Shri Suresh Prabhu, Y K Sinha Shri Suresh Prabhu, Minister for Commerce and Industry, Government of India will in this lecture discuss the importance...Play | Download: Audio Development Collective Know-how and Us Recorded on: 29 January 2018 Speaker(s): Professor Ricardo Hausmann The difference between rich and poor countries is mostly explained by differences in “technology”. Play | Download: Audio Ground Down by Growth: tribe, caste, class and inequality in 21st century India Recorded on: 25 January 2018 Speaker(s): Professor Philippe Bourgois, Dr Jens Lerche, Dr Alpa Shah Our panel examines how economic growth in India entrenches social difference of tribe, caste and class and has...Play | Download: Audio Megatrends: predicting the future to reinvent today Recorded on: 25 January 2018 Speaker(s): Shane Wall Our planet’s pace of change is at lightning speed.Play | Download: Audio Streaming Consciousness Recorded on: 9 January 2018 Speaker(s): Eimear Mc Bride, Dr Kaye Mitchell Is it possible to express the richness, variety, and depth of our inner experience, our thoughts and feelings? A homeless man is lucky to be alive after he fell asleep in a bin for warmth on a cold night and was scooped into a lorry.The man, who was surrounded by cardboard for warmth, was accidentally dumped into a dustcart while he slept in the bin on Rochester High Street, Kent.

Play | Download: Audio A World of Food in Change Recorded on: 30 January 2018 Speaker(s): Michael La Cour Michael La Cour will in this lecture discuss the role and responsibility of corporations in addressing the challenges...He told the Mail Online: 'We see them all outside all the time, it is a problem on the high street.I keep sending them away but they always come back.How do we stay ahead of the curve to innovate, adapt, reinvent and...Play | Download: Audio The Despot's Apprentice: Donald Trump's attack on democracy Recorded on: 24 January 2018 Speaker(s): Dr Brian Klaas Donald Trump isn't a despot.

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    Using the SAFE strategy (acronym for surgery for in-growing or in-turned lashes, antibiotics, facial cleanliness, and environmental improvements), the World Health Organization aims for the global elimination of trachoma by 2020 (GET 2020 initiative).

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    It's even more the case if you've been in a relationship with someone for years - relationships get boring.

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    The person who summed this up best was David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

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    Competition We are giving away 3 double tickets for the Pretoria leg of the comedy tour.

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    Haha me too, i've gotta start again, gonna start tomorrow with a 6km cycle, just ease back into it again, start running too and strength training.